Welding Registration

How to Register Each Semester

Go to Webadviser to register for any WLD course.  WSP classes need to have a coordinator's permission to take the class.


If you are NOT a current welding student:

  1. Call (815) 224-0233, email kim_herout@ivcc.edu, or visit the Workforce Development Office in C-317 during office hours.
  2. Ask to have your name added to the next public Welding Registration session.
  3. Write down the date, time, and IVCC location of the session.
  4. If you are a new IVCC student, you will also need to complete an IVCC Application by going to www.ivcc.edu/apply. IVCC will create your unique student ID number and notify you. Protect this number.
  5. On your welding registration session date, be sure to arrive on time.
  6. The Program Coordinator will advise you on your course(s) to take in the upcoming semester(s) and fill out a registration form for you.
  7. You will complete your personal information on the registration form(s).
  8. You will submit your registration to IVCC Admissions Office.
  9. If you desire to take additional courses in the same semester, you need to register with the IVCC counselors or go to WebAdvisor and process the registration. See Counseling for WebAdvisor assistance.
  10. An updated class schedule and tuition/fees due will be sent to you.
  11. Pay for your selected courses prior to the first “purge for nonpayment” in order to hold your class schedule. Payment options can be found at www.ivcc.edu/payment.
  12. If payment is not processed in time, the courses you selected will be purged/dropped.

Verify your declared program of study

  1. Either contact Counseling or look at your WebAdvisor account.
  2. Confirm that the declared program of study on your record is what you are pursuing. This will make sure you are on the right track for completing your certificate or degree on time.