Course Numbering System

All courses are made up of a four-digit number

  1. The first digit indicates freshman or sophomore level (1 or 2). A first digit of zero (0) signifies a remedial-developmental review of basic skill courses. First digit of 0 courses are not applicable toward a degree or certificate nor are counted towards honors designations.
  2. The second digit identifies the curriculum area the course is assigned to:

    0 = Baccalaureate (AA, AS and AES transfer degrees)

    1 = Continuing Education (not applicable to degrees/certificates)

    2 = Career/occupationally oriented (applies to AAS career degrees and Certificates)

    9 = General studies (these courses do not generate credit that may be applied to any degree or certificate)

IAI Code :

The IVCC/IAI explanation found at the end of some course descriptions means that the course has been approved as meeting a specific general education core requirement for transfer and has been assigned a statewide IAI code.

EXAMPLE: ART 1000 Art Survey - "Fulfills an IVCC/IAI General Education/Fine Arts requirement with the IAI Code number of F2 901."

Understanding Credit Hours

College credit hours are earned by students when they spend hours learning a skill or a specific body of knowledge. At IVCC, credit hours are assigned to each course when it is developed. One credit hour is equal to one 50-minute class “hour” per week for a lecture course over a sixteen-week semester. The number of credit hours assigned to a course and required for student attendance are equated, based on the length and method(s) of the course. Credit hour equivalents vary for different kinds of methods (lecture, lab, field experience, etc.). All courses, including assigned credit hours, are approved by the Illinois Community College Board.