NUR 1230 Intro To Registered Nursing for The Practical Nurse.

This course is designed to assist the LPN in the understanding of the comprehensive role of the registered nurse as specified by the philosophy and curriculum of the Illinois Valley Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program. Learning experiences will be provided to evaluate and enhance the LPN's knowledge of nursing concepts and performance of selected nursing skills. This course is a requirement for students who have not graduated from the Practical Nursing program at Illinois Valley Community Collegeand wish to pursue the Associate Degree in Nursing. It is also a requirement for individuals who have graduated from the IVCC P.N. program over three years ago. Independent study. Prerequisite: Licensure as a Practical Nurse and Advanced Placement standing in the Associate Degree Nursing program.




This course is part of a Limited Admissions Program; registration in this course requires admission to the program -Must be completed prior to taking this course.