Students shall pay $125.60 per credit hour for tuition if they are residents of District 513. (The Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees reserves the right to change tuition at any time.)

Students whose permanent residence is outside District 513 but who are live-in guests of a sponsor who resides within District 513 shall be charged the in-district tuition and fees for credit courses in which they register at IVCC.

The student must provide the Office of Admissions and Records with their in-district address.

Students who reside outside of District 513 but who have been employed at least 30 days and work 30 hours or more per week within District 513 must provide a letter from their employer supporting this.

Legal residents of Community College District 513 who are 65 or older may enroll in regularly scheduled classes tuition free, provided that classroom space exists and tuition paying students enrolled constitute the maximum number required for the course. Laboratory fees, course fees and registration fees still apply.

Extra Charge for Non-Resident

Students (see Residency definition)

Students who are not residents of Community College District 513 shall pay an extra charge equal to the per capita cost per semester hour less tuition and state apportionment.