Illinois Valley Community College assesses a standard fee for all students per credit hour (currently $7.40). This fee is returned to the student in the form of several services and programs. The Standard Fee supports instructional technology and activities designed to enhance student life and contribute to the overall college experience.

Course supply fees will be charged. A nonrefundable registration fee of $5 per semester will be charged (except for ABE, GED, and ESL students).

Fee Payments

Tuition and fees are due on or before the semester tuition due date. Students who register after the semester tuition due date must pay at the time of registration.

Students who do not have a deferment (scholarships, financial aid, or sponsorships) will be dropped from their classes for nonpayment and will not be able to attend until their bills are paid.

Students with deferments for tuition and/or fees must pay any fees that are not covered by their deferment before the semester tuition due date.

Students must contact the Cashier Department to apply financial aid to their accounts. Failure to do so will result in their classes being dropped.