Withdrawal from Classes


The purpose of the withdrawal option is to allow students to make responsible decisions regarding their academic status and their ability to complete an individual course. This responsibility is similar, and thus preparatory, to students' experiences in universities and the workforce. It is understood that for them to make informed decisions regarding their academic careers, students must have the appropriate information regarding their status. It is the instructor's responsibility, therefore, to provide students with some form of assessment of their academic status prior to the last official withdrawal date.

  • All withdrawals earn a grade of "W," which does not affect the GPA but deletes the course credit(s) for the involved course(s).
  • No refund is given for withdrawals.

Procedure for Student Withdrawal:

  1. Students have until the end of the twelfth week of a regular 16-week semester course (or an equivalent length of time in courses of different lengths) to request a withdrawal.
  2. Students who wish to withdraw from a course can withdraw in person in the Office of Admissions and Records or online through WebAdvisor.
  3. In person withdrawals will require a photo ID and the withdrawal to be signed by the student. No instructor or dean signature will be needed. The yellow copy of the withdrawal will be forwarded to the instructor upon processing of the withdrawal.
  4. Online withdrawals will require full course information provided, as well as the Student ID number to serve as the student’s signature. An electronic copy of the withdrawal will be forwarded to the instructor upon processing of the withdrawal.
  5. Faculty will still have the same options to withdraw students. Instructors may initiate the withdrawal process if the student fails to comply with the attendance requirements as outlined in the course syllabus.
  6. There may be situations in which a withdrawal is not allowed or is rescinded due to academic integrity issues. In these cases, the faculty member will have the ability to rescind the withdrawal with the approval of the dean and the student will be notified by mail.
  7. Leave of Absence - Students who need to request a complete withdrawal (withdrawal from all courses) may do so using WebAdvisor or by submitting a Withdrawal Form to the Records Office. Students who receive financial aid are strongly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to determine what effect it may have on their current and future financial aid eligibility.