Enrolling Online is Simple

Connect to the e-Cashier site at www.ivcc.edu/ecashier. Once you are in e-Cashier, review all information and refer to the menu bar at the top for additional answers to questions you may have. After you have reviewed all information, scroll down and select the "Proceed" button. Follow the simple steps outlined. After you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and submitted your agreement, you will receive an immediate e-mail (if email address was provided). This e-mail will confirm receipt of your enrollment through FACTS/Nelnet e-Cashier. Please remember, any required down payment will be deducted immediately.


For more information on availability, please visit IVCC's Web site at www.ivcc.edu or call the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier's Office at (815) 224-0213.

Full Payment Information

You may pay for your tuition in full through the e-Cashier site by selecting the payment in full option. This allows you the convenience of paying your tuition without having to visit or mail information to the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier's Office. Please remember, once you select this option, full payment will be deducted immediately and a $2.00 fee assessed.


Call FACTS/Nelnet at (800) 609-8056 to make any changes to your address, phone, or banking information. If you have questions regarding your FACTS/Nelnet Agreement, please contact FACTS/Nelnet directly or go to "My FACTS/Nelnet" Account to review your agreement online. The instructions to access "My FACTS/Nelnet" Account are located in your confirmation letter or e-mail. If you have questions regarding your financial aid award or tuition balance, or you make any changes whatsoever to your schedule, please call the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier's Office at (815) 224-0213 so we can adjust or terminate your plan.