Other Local Resources of Financial Aid

  • Business Employment Skills Team (BEST): Offers educational assistance (tuition, books, transportation), child care, tutoring guidance and support, and job placement assistance.

    Ottawa: (815) 433-4550
    Peru: (815) 224-1586
    Princeton: (815) 872-0255
    Oglesby: (815) 224-0370 (at Illinois Valley Community College)

  • Department of Human Services-Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS): Offers educational assistance to students who have a physical or mental disability that is a handicap to employment.

    LaSalle: (815) 224-1314

  • Dislocated Workers Center (BEST): Offers educational and training assistance to students who have experienced employment dislocation (e.g., plant closing, lay-off, etc.). Contact Illinois Valley Community College: (815) 224-0370.