GMAW Basic Welding Certificate

What Follows is the Program Outline.

This program is not designed for students transferring to other colleges or universities. As a rule, courses with a second digit "0" are designed to transfer. Students planning to transfer should consult a Counselor to verify the transferability of courses. Prerequisites for courses are noted in the IVCC Catalog. Program Pre-Admission Information is included if applicable.

Fall semester, first year, full semester

GNT 1209Blueprint Reading


Fall semester, first year, first 8-weeks

WLD 1209GMAW Flat and Horizontal Position


Fall semester, first year, second 8-weeks

WSP 2208OAW Oxy, Plasma Cut., Air Carbon Arc


Spring semester, first year

WSP 1211GMAW Stainless Steel, All Positions


WSP 1212GMAW Non Ferrous Alloys, All Positions


Total Credit Hours:11

Total Credit Hours: 11

Note: All new welding students must register through a Welding Information Session; contact the Workforce Development Division Office at (815) 224-0233 to sign up.

Industry/Occupation: Production welding in manufacturing facilities, fabrication shops, & general maintenance welding.

For additional information please consult any counselor at (815) 224-0360, or, (815) 224-0630.