Academic Advising Statement

The functions of academic advising at IVCC include:

  • Providing students with current information on policies, procedures and programs of IVCC and other universities as possible
  • Assisting students in choosing educational and career objectives that commensurate with their interests and abilities
  • Assisting students in exploring the possible short and long range consequences of their choices
  • Making students aware of the wide range of services and educational opportunities that may be pertinent to their educational objectives
  • Ensuring students understanding of their responsibility to know and meet graduation requirements and to make every reasonable effort to obtain adequate academic advising
  • Encouraging frequent advisor contact that will help to ensure the student has current academic information and is making adequate progress towards educational goals

Confidentiality Statement

When meeting with a counselor, some students are concerned about privacy and confidentiality. We do our very best to minimize these concerns by respecting student anonymity and protecting student information. IVCC counselors operate within the professional guidelines of the American Counseling Association and are professionally obligated to keep information confidential. Information about counseling sessions will not be related to, or discussed with, any external constituents to Counseling without the explicit written permission from the student except in cases where harm to self or others is discovered. Referrals are also provided only with the student's permission.