Textbook Rental-Option Program

Designated textbooks are rented for $48 each, which includes a $28 rental fee plus a $20 deposit. When the student has finished with their rental book at the end of the semester, they simply return it to the IVCC Bookstore in good condition by the published date on their rental agreement and receive their $20 deposit back.

The student's final textbook rental is $28. Due to the nature of this program, rental costs are subject to change.

Not all textbooks are part of our rental program.

Rental Requirements:

  1. An IVCC student ID.
  2. A copy of your schedule showing that you are enrolled in the class.
  3. When at the register, you will sign a rental agreement stating that you understand when your rental book must be returned and the penalties if the books are returned late or not returned.

Rental Return Policy:

  • For classes lasting a full semester during the fall or spring, you may return your rental book for any reason within the first 10 days of class and receive the full $48 refund.
  • For classes lasting eight weeks, rentals may be returned for a full refund within five days from the first day of class.
  • For classes lasting four weeks or less, rentals may be returned for a full refund until the class meets for the second time. After the initial full refund period, you must return your rental book by the published date (detailed on your rental agreement) to receive your deposit of $20.
  • After the final date, your student account will be charged for the retail price of a new book plus a $10 handling cost less your $28 rental fee. This covers the replacement cost of the book plus shipping. Your deposit is forfeited.
  • You will be unable to rent books, receive a transcript or register for classes until these fees have been paid.
  • At the time you rent your books, you will sign a rental agreement detailing the information above. It is important that you keep your receipt and rental agreement in case you need to return your books and to remind you of when your books are due back without penalty.
  • When determining the final day for a full refund: Count days Monday-Friday to compute the refund time limit. Do not count Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Days must be counted from and include the first day the class meets.