TDT 2210 Equipment Refresher Training

CDL-Basic Operating Practices, CDL-Safe Driving Practices, and CDL Advanced Operating Practices are all reviewed in this course. This course will include hands-on, over-the-road driving of equipment and review class A' commerical driver's license requirements. The course will review general knowledge and safe driving practices while operating a commercial vehicle. Detailed knowledge of advanced operating practices will also be reviewed in order to drive a commercial vehicle. This training will include information on federal/state rules and regulations. Prerequisite: At least 18 years old and show a current Illinois Driver's License with no outstanding or unpaid violations anywhere in the United States meet the medical requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or prove exempt status of not being subject to the regulations meet the employment standards of the trucking industry; hold a current commercial driver's license (CDL). Lab 12 hours.