PHY 2012 Engr. Physics II Elec, Mag, Waves & Op

This is the second in sequence of engineering physics course using a calculus based approach for students majoring in physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and related fields of study. The course provides a clear and precise introduction to the theory, experiment, and applications of electricity, magnetism and optics. Topics includes electric force and fields, Gauss' law; electric potential and potential energy; capacitance and dielectrics; direct current circuits and instruments; magnetic force and fields; electromagnetism, alternating current, Ampere's law, induction, electromagnetic waves, polarization, interference, diffraction and geometrical optics. IAI: PHY912




PHY 2011 with a grade of C or better -Must be completed prior to taking this course. Prerequisite: MTH 2001 with a grade of C of better - Must be completed prior to taking this course.