NUR 2210 Issues in Professional Nursing

This course is concerned with the current issues and trends in the practice of nursing and the delivery of health care. Students will have an opportunity to apply concepts learned in NUR 2200 to current issues and trends to continue preparation for transition into practice.  Analytical reasoning skills are presented to assist the student nurse to adopt a point of view to make or defend legal, ethical, and moral judgments. The Illinois Nursing Act and ethical issues in nursing are discussed.  Prerequisite:  Completion of the first year of the Nursing Curriculum or Licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  Completion of NUR 2200, NUR 2201, and NUR 2202.  Concurrent enrollment in or successful completion of NUR 2211 and/or NUR 2212.




This course is part of a Limited Admissions Program; registration in this course requires admission to the program -Must be completed prior to taking this course.