ENG 0909 English Lab

This individualized course provides opportunities for students to strengthen their writing skills in one or more areas in which they have a demonstrated weakness. It is required for any student who places into ENG 1001 but whose placement writing sample demonstrates one or more areas in which the student needs to improve to succeed in ENG 1001.* Course topics may include the following: pre writing strategies, essay structure and development, paragraph structure and development, syntax, grammar, mechanics, and revision strategies. Instruction is presented via a number of learning modalities that may include the following: computer programs, videos, books, computer aided instruction, and/or one on one instruction. This course does not receive college credit and is graded on a pass/fail basis. *Some students successfully completing ENG 0900 may also be required to take this course.




Appropriate assessment in English -Must be completed prior to taking this course. RED 0900 with a C or better or appropriate assessment in reading -Must be completed prior to taking this course.