DLA 2208 Expanded Functions II Restorative Func

This condensed course provides participants with online, didactic, lab, and clinical patient experiences to increase proficiency or introduce various aspects of restorative dentistry including placement of direct restorative materials. The purpose of this course is to improve existing restorative clinical skills or introduce participants to the basic techniques of restorative dentistry to become SAFE BEGINNERS in the practice of restorative dentistry. Content is based on participants' prior knowledge and clinical competency on the dental assisting process of care, dental anatomy, dental materials, head and neck anatomy, and local anesthetic. The course provides a review of dental materials, including placing a rubber dam, placement of cavity liners, mercury assisting, and amalgam, composite and dentin bonding agent properties. The main focus of the course is placement techniques and assessment for functional composite and amalgam restorations, to prepare students with the skill needed for entry level as an expanded functions clinician. Upon successful completion, participants will be competent in placement of direct restorative materials, and assessing the quality of the restorations, take material or digital final impressions, and perform pulp vitality testing. All training is approved by the Illinois State Dental Society and dentists experienced in restorative dentistry and teaching. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will meet the criteria for Illinois State Restorative Expanded Functions certification. Success in this course requires knowledge in basic computer skills, head and neck anatomy, pharmacology, dental anatomy, dental materials, and dental assisting skills. There are two pathways for enrollment in this course. Contact the Program Coordinator for enrollment and to document your pathway.