CMA 1260 Medical Assistant Externship

This course requires the student, in the controlled environment of an assigned externship site, to experience the hands on application of administrative, clinical and professional procedures. The experience allows the student to apply knowledge from the classroom and class lab to the ambulatory healthcare environment. The goal of the experience is to provide the student the appropriate environments and opportunities that will assist the student in perfecting learned Medical Assisting skills. The student will gain hands on experience and be an active member of a health care team. This is on the job training with each individual's experience being unique but related to the course outcomes/competencies. Students are required to complete 200 clock hours of supervised, unpaid practical experience in a site assigned by the Program Coordinator.




This course is part of a Limited Admissions Program; registration in this course requires admission to the program. -Must be completed prior to taking this course.


CMA 1270 -Must be taken at the same time as this course.