CAD 2201 ComputerAided Design II

In this advanced competency based course students will be prepared for careers in engineering technology. This course is a continuation of Computer Aided Design I and includes computer graphic principles as they relate to the concepts of CAD Solid Modeling. Students will gain advanced skills in drafting layout, CAD editing techniques, dimensioning and visual presentation. Students will learn how to create virtual 3 D models and how to render them with color, light and shadows. These principles will be applied to the latest educational version of SolidWorks. Principles will include advanced modeling parts and assemblies and creation of working drawings. Students will use the design process to develop models to prototyping a product. Students will prepare models to be printed on a 3D and prepare production drawing for this product. Students will be able to take the SolidWorks Certified Associates exam at the end of this course. Students passing the exam will be issued a certificate of passing. Students will be able to utilize and reinforce their intermediate workplace skills, including teamwork, communication and math skills. Lecture: two hours per week, lab two hours per week.




CAD 2200 -Must be completed prior to taking this course.