CAD 1201 Comp Aided Draft II, Using AutoCAD

This course is designed to build on the skills acquired in the Computer Aided Drafting I course. This course builds on the fundamentals of drafting. Students familiar with basic drafting terminology will produce detail drawings and assemblies to produce production drawings using 2D CAD (AutoCAD). Advanced principles of dimensioning will be used to produce industry standard drawings. Students will use real world projects to compile drawings, check drawings and plot the working drawing package. Additional fundamentals of CAD such as blocks, attributes, external references, and an introduction to parametric drawings will be explored. Students will learn how to use AutoCAD to draw and edit polylines, set layers, line types and colors; dimension drawings; create section lines and graphic patterns, design symbols and attributes for multiple use. Upon completion a student will know how to draft, read and interpret engineering drawings. Lecture, 2 hours;lab, 2 hours.




CAD 1200 or instructor consent -Must be completed prior to taking this course.