CAD 1200 Computer Aided Draft I AutoCAD

This course is an introduction to computer aided drafting (CAD) for use in basic mechanical drafting principles. Students will learn the basics of 2D CAD and its applications to different industries. Students compare 2D CAD operations to 3D and compare the different types of software used in both. This course will focus on the basics of AutoCAD. Content will include such topics as: setting up drawings, constructing lines, circles, arcs and other shapes. Basics of geometric construction and adding text will be included. Students will use display and editing techniques as well to obtain information about their drawings and work with layers and drawing files. This course examines basic dimensioning and tolerancing concepts. Students will learn to produce pictorial drawings and orthographic layouts. Upon completion a student will know how to read and interpret engineering drawings. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.