ALH 1252 Principles and Practices of Phlebotomy

This course consists of lecture and laboratory practice of the proper collection of laboratory specimens along with a minimum of 65 hours of clinical (practice of phlebotomy at an affiliated laboratory site). It includes terminology, anatomy and physiology appropriate to phlebotomy techniques, safety, quality control, professionalism, and communication techniques. It provides exposure to the necessary skills to effectively function as part of the medical laboratory healthcare team. This supervised training will emphasize competency in blood collection, specimen handling and processing, safety, quality control and communication skills necessary to function as a member of the medical laboratory healthcare team. Exit level competencies are generally consistent with entry level job responsibilities. After completion of ALH 1252, the student will be eligible to take the phlebotomy certification exam offered by certifying agencies. Eligibility: 18 years of age; High School Diploma or GED; 2 Step TB test within last 12 months; Hepatitis B immunization or documented refusal; Criminal Background Check (A felony or certain misdemeanors may prevent you from working in a healthcare setting); Drug test; any other requirements of clinical site.



Pre- or Co-requisite

ALH 1001 with a C or better -Must be taken either prior to or at the same time as this course.