ALH 1214 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

The Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) curriculum consists of 1 course which includes lecture, college laboratory practice, and clinical experience in long term care facility. The C.N.A. Program is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health. A grade of "C" or above in this course is required to be eligible for state certification. Admission to the C.N.A. does not always follow the usual college schedule. Starting dates are announced in the school class schedule and via letter to the registered students. The program can be completed in 8 weeks. The two step T B test is required for admission to the clinical component of the program. Taking the TABE reading test is a requirement of the course and will be administered through the Adult Education Department prior to the start of class. -Must pass a fingerprinting background check with no disqualifying convictions if necessary have already obtained a waiver from the Illinois Department of Public Health. C.N.A. status is required for admission to the RN and/or Practical Nursing Program. Successful completion of this course allows the individual to take the state exam to become certified in the State of Illinois.