Transfer Credit

(From other Regionally Accredited Colleges)

  1. Have transcript of credit earned at other colleges sent directly to IVCC Admissions Office - Official Transcripts Only.
  2. Complete a Request for Evaluation of Transcript form indicating the degree or certificate you are seeking. Credit to be accepted at IVCC must have at least a "D" grade. A "D" course may need to be repeated in certain IVCC programs.
  3. GPA (Grade Point Average) will not be transferred or computed into IVCC GPA unless credits equal 50% or more of the credits on an IVCC degree or certificate.
  4. A maximum of 12 credit hours with grades of "P" (Pass) can be transferred in.
  5. A maximum of 48 hours of credit can be transferred in for a degree. For a certificate-seeking student, a maximum of 75% of the total amount of credit hours required for the certificate can be transferred in. If a student has earned credit through another means (Advanced Placement, CLEP, Proficiency, or military), the total of all these types of credit may not exceed the maximum amounts listed above.