College Level Examination (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national testing service that provides students an opportunity to demonstrate college level learning from experiences outside the classroom. Where appropriate, CLEP subject exams may be used to meet general education requirements. General exams will be equated to elective credit.

Through CLEP, a person can demonstrate knowledge that is awarded with academic credit. On-the-job experience, military training, personal reading, correspondence courses or telecourses are some of the sources that can prepare an individual to earn college credit. Transferability of CLEP credit is subject to the policies of the transfer school. All CLEP examinations are in addition to, not a replacement of, other forms of proficiency examinations, including departmental proficiency examinations. No grades are assigned for credit received through CLEP.

The College Level Examination Program includes two types of examinations. The CLEP General Examinations cover the areas of English composition, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences and history. The General Examinations are intended to cover learning usually included within the general education requirements in a college program. The CLEP Subject Examinations test the knowledge or skills achieved by students completing specific freshman-sophomore level courses. Credit earned through CLEP tests cannot duplicate credit earned or attempted in college course work. Credit awarded for CLEP General or Subject Exam will be recorded as P (Pass) and earned semester hours of credit.

Information about CLEP General and Subject Exams, scores required for IVCC credit, transfer of credit, registration, cost, and testing location at IVCC are available in the Assessment Center, Admissions Office, and Counseling Center. Information is also available at