Advanced Placement (AP Credit)

Students may be awarded credit for the College Board's Educational Testing Services Advanced Placement Examinations when they correspond to equivalent IVCC courses. For other criteria in awarding Advanced Placement credit, students are to contact the Admissions Office or the Counseling Center. Credit awarded in this manner will be added to the semester credit hours earned, but not to the semester hours attempted or grade point average. The criteria for awarding credit are based on the recommendation of the consortium of colleges and universities that belong to the Illinois Articulation Initiative. Information on this group can be accessed through the following Web address: Students may be awarded credit for scores of 3, 4 and 5. Students transferring are urged to contact the college/university they plan to attend to see how test scores will be evaluated. If additional credit would be awarded, please contact the Admissions Office to determine if you are entitled to additional credit from IVCC.