Student Non-Academic Complaints

The Vice President for Student Services shall be responsible for responding to complaints from students on non-academic (non classroom and grading) issues which would fall outside of the Student Code of Conduct (section VI following). The student is expected to initiate her/his complaint with the staff member immediately responsible for the area in which the problem occurred, in an effort to resolve the issue in an informal manner. If the issue is not resolved in an informal manner, the student may appeal the matter to the Vice President for Student Services. If the results of the Vice President's review are unsatisfactory to the student, the student may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs within (5) class days of receiving the written response of the Vice President. The student may request a meeting with the Vice President. The decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs with regard to student non-academic complaints shall be considered final.

These issues include, but are not limited to:

  1. parking violations and towing
  2. refunds of tuition and fees
  3. admission, registration and records matters
  4. financial aid matters
  5. counseling matters
  6. job placement matters
  7. activities and athletics matters
  8. bookstore refunds