Request for Reasonable Accommodations

If an individual has a request for a reasonable accommodation, the individual should contact his or her immediate supervisor. The Director of Human Resources will work with the supervisor to make sure an individualized assessment is conducted to determine if the employee or applicant meets the definition of an individual with a disability which substantially limits major life activities and is a qualified individual for the position based on the job description. The individualized assessment will start with information regarding the nature and severity of the disability. It will include relevant medical and psychological information which may be requested by the Director of Human Resources. For applicants, this information gathering should follow the offer of employment per Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and their implementing regulations. Part of this step is determining the essential functions of the position. The current job description will be used to assist staff in this part of the process.

The College will consult, as needed, or form a committee with the employee or applicant, his or her physicians, psychologists, or other mental health professionals as appropriate, supervisors, department heads, attorneys, Human Resources staff, etc. The committee membership will be flexible depending on need and appropriateness, but at a minimum will include the employee or applicant, an appropriate supervisor, and the Director of Human Resources.

The committee will determine various methods of accommodating an employee or applicant who has been determined to be disabled and can perform the essential functions of the job. Only after exploring all of the options for accommodating the disabled employee or applicant will there be any determination of what is reasonable and attainable, given the resources available. The suggestions of the disabled employee or applicant will be strongly considered, but the College will not be required to use those suggestions if other, more prudent methods are available and equally effective. Should additional information be needed or required, the Director of Human Resources will contact the Job Accommodation Network, the Great Lakes Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center, and/or the local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

If the committee concludes that a reasonable accommodation cannot be achieved, the employee or applicant may be denied college provided accommodation. In such circumstances, employees will be notified of the right to file a grievance through the grievance procedure.

Throughout the process, the College will maintain documentation clearly showing how the matter was addressed, how the individual was kept informed, and the logic behind the committee's decision.