Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights:

Students of Illinois Valley Community College have the same rights accorded all citizens under the Constitution of the United States. Included among these are the right to free, open and responsible discussion and inquiry.

At IVCC, we believe that students are entitled to expect a program of quality education provided by competent instructors. It is therefore the right of each IVCC student to:

  1. study any controversial issue with a political, economic or social significance
  2. have open access to all relevant information
  3. study under competent instructors in an atmosphere free of bias and prejudice
  4. form and express personal opinions on controversial issues without jeopardizing their relationship with their instructors or the College
  5. be treated fairly and with respect
  6. be accorded the best efforts of instructors, including access through regular office hour'

Student Responsibilities :

Students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the College community. Disruption of the educational process and violation of the rights of others constitutes irresponsible behavior. Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all College regulations along with federal, state and local statutes. Specific responsibilities of IVCC students include, but are not limited to:

  1. attending class regularly as specified per class requirements and/ or syllabus, and explaining reasons for absences to instructors
  2. respecting and utilizing College equipment and facilities appropriately
  3. actions characterized by honesty
  4. treating all college personnel and fellow students fairly and with respect

Students in doubt about any particular matter should consult the Vice President for Student Services.