Code of Conduct

Discipline may be imposed whenever a student commits or attempts to commit any act of misconduct on the College campus, or at a sporting event, activity, function or other event sponsored or supervised by the College.

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Possession, use, distribution or being under the influence of an illegal or controlled substance or look-alike drug.
  2. Unauthorized and/or illegal possession, use, distribution, or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage on campus property.
  3. Theft of property or services.
  4. Intentional or willful and wanton destruction of property.
  5. Assault and/or battery.
  6. Conduct which constitutes harassment, sexual or otherwise, or abuse that threatens the mental well-being, health or safety of any individual, including peer harassment of fellow students.
  7. Conduct which constitutes hazing or any related act or activity that might inflict or intend to cause physical or mental harm or anxieties; that may demean, degrade or disgrace any person, regardless of location, intent or consent of participants. The intent of the act or the consent or the cooperation of the hazing recipient shall not constitute a defense of hazing. The College or the hazing recipient may charge an individual and/or the recognized student organization with responsibility for the hazing act(s) committed either online or on or off campus.
  8. Possession of a firearm or other weapon, dangerous chemical or explosive substance or device.
  9. Trespassing on College property or other unauthorized use of College property or services.
  10. Academic dishonesty (see also Academic Integrity section). Such matters will be addressed by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  11. Disruption of the educational process or related activity.
  12. Failure to comply with the direction of an authorized College employee or representative who is performing her/his duties.
  13. Verbal abuse to any individual including blatant profanity or gross disrespect to a student, faculty member, or staff member.
  14. Stalking any individual.
  15. Gambling.
  16. Unauthorized use of College phones or facsimile (fax) machines.
  17. Intentional willful or wanton tampering with computer equipment or networks, to include but are not limited to destruction of files, illegal or unauthorized file transfers or copying, introduction of a computer virus, unauthorized use of copyrighted software, altering or attempting to alter official College computer records, accessing offensive Web sites, malicious tampering, or any other violation of the computer use policies.
  18. Gang recruitment and/or activities.
  19. Any conduct which constitutes a violation of the terms of any discipline imposed in accordance with this procedure.
  20. Any conduct which constitutes a violation of a Federal or State law, local ordinance or College rule or regulation, including failure of a registered sex offender to register with campus security.
  21. Failure of a registered sex offender to register with Campus Security as required by Illinois State Law.
  22. Violation of the Campus Smoking Policy.
  23. Multiple parking violations.
  24. Gross misconduct by any standard.