Grading System

A = Excellent-4 grade points per each semester hour

B = Good-3 grade points

C = Average-2 grade points

D = Passing, Below Average-1 grade point

F = Failing-0 grade point

P = Passing-credit earned only, not computed in grade point average

I = Incomplete-temporary grade assigned when a small portion of the class remains to be completed. Assigned for extenuating circumstances. Must eventually be replaced by a letter grade (A through F above).

W = Withdrawn-not computed in the grade point average

Computing your Grade Point Average

The formula for computing the GPA is:

Total grade points earned ÷ total hours attempted = GPA

Example: Student attempts 9 semester hours (three courses) and earns grades of A, B, D respectively.

24 grade points (12 for 3 semester hours of A, 9 for 3 hours of B and 3 for 3 hours of D) ÷ 9 total semester hours attempted = 2.666 GPA

A GPA of 2.0 and above is considered Good Academic Standing